Technology scouting

Comprehensive analysis of technology state-of-the-art through desktop research and interviews exploiting a network of industries, technology transfer centers and universities built up during the last two decades. IBT Solutions will strictly cooperate with the customers to provide effective outcomes such as:

  • Analysis of material to define the state of the art (e.g. scientific publications, patents, research projects, …)
  • Identification of the main players of the research (universities, companies, …)
  • Selection of technological and commercial potential partners
  • Comparative analysis of your products versus current solutions adopted by competitors

Support to ICT technology adoption

The key idea is to combine market drivers and technology scouting to:

  • Requirement collection, organization and management
  • Functional analysis of your systems and/or products
  • Identification of technologies available for your application field
  • Identification of the candidate subsystems where the adoption of ICT technology can produce the major impact
  • Definition of a technology adoption plan, including a deep scouting of the existing alternatives and suppliers
  • Active driving of innovation during the redesign and/or prototyping of your products


Preparation & Management of projects

Based on experience in over 20 EU-funded projects (success rate around 80%) and in the development of many demonstrators and case-studies in the industrial sector, IBT Solutions provides support in conception, management and implementation of industrial and EU-funded projects. This is a short list of the services offered:

  • Analysis of the calls, identification of opportunities and creation of the consortium
  • Support in writing the proposals
  • Coverage of both technical management of the submitted proposals and, after the approval, in the day-by-day operations
  • Support to the scientific research of industrial partners

Design & Development

Support to design and development activities including:

    • Energy-aware hardware/firmware/software for embedded applications
    • Networked multi-sensor platforms exploiting also geo-ref information and wireless connectivity
    • Hardware/software systems for automotive (OEM and aftermarket) and for industrial applications
    • Application development on different platforms: Linux, uCLinux, RTX, QNX, Android, and other open-source platforms such as FreeRTOS
    • System models for analysis and simulation, mapping of the results in real products
    • Concept and design of safety systems


Other services

Other services include:

      • Organization of events, technical focus groups, workshops, management of projects, …
      • Training for industries
      • Consultancy in the forensic field
      • Analysis and development of standardization proposals
      • Setup and tuning of the methodology, toolset, and design flow for the development of embedded systems (tools, validation procedures, documentations, …)

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